kolmapäev, oktoober 18

Kas ma olengi selline..kahtlen..
Do I really is that kind of person....I doubt it

Your Dominant Intelligence is Spatial Intelligence
You've got a good sense of space and how the world around you looks.You can close your eyes and "see" images. You have innate artistic talent.An eye for color and shapes, you're also a natural designer.Since you think in pictures, visual aids and demonstartions help you learn best.
You would make a good navigator, sculptor, visual artist, inventor, architect, interior designer, or engineer.
What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

Your Inner European is Dutch!
Open minded and tolerant.You're up for just about anything.

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corina ütles ...

I just follow your example, I hoped to be also Dutch (my husband is a real one) and I end up Italian!