laupäev, juuli 29

Nii kiire on olnud, et unustasin isegi mainida...võtn osa veel ühest vahetusest. Tegin reklaami ka vaid Katile. Oh mind rumalat, äkki oleks keegi veel osaleda tahtnud. Teine kord olen tublim.

I have been so busy that I forgot to say - I take part of another swap. Silli me, maybe someone of you wanted to do it :( Next time I try to say things on right time.

But here is my answers
Favorite Color Swap Questionnaire '
1. What are your top three favorite colors?
Green, yellow and marine blue. And warm colorS ;)
2. What crafts do you really enjoy?any kind. I sew, knit, do crochet, felting macrame, tatting, netting, embroidery. I love dye fabric- Weaving is one of my favorite. And so on– you name it.
But there is so many things, what I haven’t learned yet :(
3. What products do you really covet?I like charms and ear-rings with dragonfly’s. Mola’s are great (aitähh Aino!)
4. What other activities do you enjoy besides your favorite crafty things? I love reading
5. Is there anything you collect? Yes, little dolls in folk-costumes. Little sheeps is cute. Some of these have fine a new home with me
6. What is your zodiac sign and/or Chinese zodiac symbol?I am taurus and tiger

7.What are your favorite…
Fresh like spring

…types of music and/or bands?I love Joe Cocker (best concert I have ever saw), George Michael, Gary Moore, Zuccero and so on…men with deep voice :). Well, now I lie – I also like Simply Red, Phil Collins, Robbie Williams J And my favorite female singer are Sade
My absolute favorite song is More than Words by Extreme

.…authors? There is some, but they mostly are estonian. Well, some New York Bestseller authors are also
.…animals? Dogs and horses. And cats and ladybugs and butterflys and ... ;)
.…places to shop? craft and bookstores
Spring – I love that time when everything is starts to live again

.…yarn/fabric/paper/other craft supplies?I prefer natural fibers, but if there is something interesting for effect then I use it. I am open to anything. And every supplies what helps me do some craft are my favorite J
…candies or goodies?I love dark chocolate
8. Do you have any wish lists?
Yes, in Amazone

9. Are you allergic to anything?Nop
10. Do you have any pets? What are they? Dog and four cats
11. Please include anything else you would like your secret pal to know about you- anything that would be helpful in finding you little gifts that you will really enjoy

I like do craft and deep inside I’m romantic. (and look’s like bagaholic too ;) )

Well, as I promised, Flat Scout last days in Estonia. I wanted to write yesterday (so I promised), but we finaly had some rain...with little bit thunder too. And it take off internetconnection :(
So...we went our old semetery in Reigi.
There resting my ancestry and lot's of people I know. So I can talk lot of stories. Like on of my forefather who came bac from russian czar's armi. It was long travel and took years. When he arrived he went and told to army people "here I am." So he got gift ( he was good soldier if he reported that he's back) - tavern. One estonian composer wrote about it opera.

Count Ungern-Sternberg built the stone church that you see today in 1800-1802. He had the church built in memory of his son Gustav who killed himself because he was heavily in debt to gamblers. Gustav is buried in the churchyard at Reigi.
The church contains many beautiful works of art which are said to have been donated by the grateful survivors of shipwrecks near Hiiumaa\'s dangerous northwest coast.
This bulding is 115 years old and this is where our local municipalities locate ( it's has always been place for administrative center).
(Front) (back view)
And we spent time in my school and my classroom ( it is locate our oldest schoolhouse, it's 106 years old). There is my craft-class, boys workshop and my cooking-class.
(craft-house and little cornes in my craft-class)

She liked some our kids works :) Unfortunatly...there was only some of these.
(curtains are also made by girls - it's batic)
(crazy-quilt is made by my students) others is mine. This old spinning-wheel belonged to my Mom's granny (so girls can't forget craft roots ;) )

So, it all...we made passport (I forgot to make picture :( ) to Flat Scout and Wednesday she went to travel again. We had great time togedher and she said that she will be back in future :) .She saw only little part of Hiiumaa.

P.S. Here is Kõpu Lighthouse and view from top to Kõpu village.

And I found one very cute pics from last year. It's from Kõpu too...there was Kõpu villages day (it was big party :) )

neljapäev, juuli 27

Hi everyone!
Flat Scout is on her way over the ocean agan. I will write about her last days here tomorrow.
Have nice trip, Flat Scout!

pühapäev, juuli 23

Eile oli maakonna omatoodanguja käsitöölaat. Inimesi oli väga palju ja kui lõuna ajal niisutus lõppes (vihmaks oleks seda palju nimetada) siis osteti ka palju. Ringi vaadates tundus, et laada tase iga aastaga tõuseb...imelikku nänni on vähemaks jäänud ja asjade kvaliteet ka tõusnud. Kahju, et kõik teg´ijad ei julge oma asjade eest õiglast hinda küsida...meie ka selles "patus" süüdi.
Meie töötuba sel aastal pop nagu alati :) üks pisike piiga käis vist küll 7 korda toimetamas. Tegi endale mitu paela ja viltis paar lille.

1. Liia 2. Liia ja Anetta 3. Silli-Mai

1. Tantsutüdrukud ja laadavaip/girls from folk-danc group and fair tapestry

Yesterday we spent our day on craft fair. Morning was little bit raini (we had to cover our stuff somtimes) but about noon sun came out.
We (with Liia and Silli-Mai) taught how to do felted flower (needlefelting) and little girl made some braid.
Show went well. If someone wanted to buy somethin they could do that. So someone bought my handpainted curtains and one of my favrite bag ( I hoped that they don' buy this...). And I sold one hat. This pattern is from year 1928!

Müts/ hat

1. Näitus/Show (inside pics are bad :( )

1. minu kardinad/my curtains 2. Minu tehtud kotid (taustal) my bags on background

Flat Scout had wonderful time. She looked around and found knitters and one old man how taught how to do broom right way.

She was very busy to look around and get new (craft) ideas :)

reede, juuli 21

Eile oli meil harudane külaline. Ma muidugi teadsin, et ta elab naabruses, aga juba paar aastat olin teda vaid kuulnud aga mitte näinud. Eile oli meil siis silmast-silma kohtumine. No olgu okkast-silma oleks vist õigem, sest ta peitis silmi ja pobises arusaamatult.

Last night we had rare visitor. I knew of course that he live around our home, but last time when I saw him was couple of years ago. He didn't say much, only mumble something. He didn't want to be a model, so he turned back . Even my cat was confused.
As you already understand it was hedgehog :)

neljapäev, juuli 20

Yesterday we went to Kärdla. We helped put up craftshow. We were very busy, that's why we made only one picture :(

It took some time and when we came back to home we were very tired.
But...Flat Scout put her cross to the hill of crosses. Unfortunetly there is road-recondition and that's why we didn't spent lot time looking around.
Legend says:" Long ago, a wedding party was traveling along the road from Kärdla and met another wedding party coming from the opposite direction. The road was too narrow for them to pass each other and each refused to give way. Discussion soon gave way to argument and then a fight broke out among the participants in the weddings. In the resulting chaos, the groom of one wedding party and the bride of the other were killed. After the fighting stopped, the people realized what a terrible thing they had done and were overcome with remorse. They all decided that the best way to put this sad event behind them would be for the surviving groom and surviving bride to be married, thus proving that love triumphs over all."

Tuesday we made quick trip to see Kõpu lighthouse, but I forgot my camera home, so I put pictures from last year.
Kõpu lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in the Baltic countries and, undoubtedly, the most famous tourist attraction on Hiiumaa. It is believed to be the third oldest continually operating lighthouse in the world. The lighthouse was built at the request of the Hanseatic Merchants League in the 15th century, in order to reduce the number of shipwrecks at Neckmansgrund and to warn ships away from the pirate- infested coastline. The local landlords and peasants initially were very much opposed to the building of the lighthouse, because they made a considerable amount of wealth from salvaging goods of the ships that wrecked in the shallow waters. Later when the lighthouse was operational, the local people sometimes used false lights to lead the ships astray. In the beginning of the 20th century the Russian government bought a fancy helmet to cover the lantern room of the lighthouse from the Paris World Exhibition
The height of the lighthouse is 37 meters, and the light is 103 meters above the sea level,

Well, and about monday. We saw lighthouse. My sister took her up and made some pictures
"The Tahkuna lighthouse has been continuously serving as a navigational beacon here for over 100 years. It was built in Paris in 1874 and stands over 40 meters tall.
Tahkuna lighthouse was brought to Hiiumaa by freighter along with its sister lighthouse that now stands on the western tip of Hiiumaa. It is believed that the two lighthouses were switched around and placed in the wrong locations by mistake. The Tahkuna lighthouse, which is slightly taller, should have been put in the west because it is the first beacon ships would see coming from Europe"
And about these defence Structures you may read on picture.

teisipäev, juuli 18

Flat Scout's monday.

I'm sorry, I will write late, but now I put some pics here. We didn't went to Kärdla. We will do it tomorrow. Anyway, we didn't sit in home - we went to see one of our lighthouse in Tahkuna. This is first year open for tourists. We have tree lighthouses....including oldest working lighthous in Europe. There is also memorial to Estonia - that ferry drown on 1994 and over 800 people died.
We also spent little time in defence structures- "heritage" from soviet time. There is very beutiful coast, so Flat Scout swam and took sun-bathe.
Maybe we go to see it too.