kolmapäev, november 1

Uus vahetus Scoutj'i ja Bev'i poolt. Seekord peab osavõtja tegema kinda kudumise komplekti ja vahetus käib läbi Swap-Bot'i (selleks peab olema registreeritud kasutaja, aga seda me oskame ju kõik ;) ). Mina võtsin osa soki kudumise komplekti vahetusest ja see oli lõbus.
Registreerimine on ainult 3. novembrini, seega...kiirustage, seltsimehed unetud!
New swap from Scoutj and Bev. They say:"
Included in the package to your pal should be:
A little-project bag MADE BY YOU
A mitt or mitten or glove pattern
Enough yarn to make the pattern
Accessories to help
You could also include
Treats (who can’t use a bit of candy to help with boring or challenging parts?)
Whatever you think should go in the Mitt Kit"
Sign ups will be from now until Friday, November 3rd and theyare use Swap-Bot this time.
More info from http://ksks.scoutj.com

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Happy Holidays from your mitt swap pal!

Did you fill out the questionnaire yet?! Anything your secret pal ought to know?