teisipäev, november 13

Mardilaada pildid. Kui aega saan ja jaksu on, kirjutan kommentaare ka :)

Pictures from St Martin's Day Craft Fair in Tallinn 8.-11. Nov 2007

Ja paremad pildid talirelt Leidsin Delfist
And some other pictures I found from internet

4 kommentaari:

Hobbygåsa ütles ...

Wow this is great! Thank you for all the lovely photos. I think this had been a very interesting fair to visit, I will see if I can do that maybe next year... Take care and have a nice day!

Anonüümne ütles ...

How I wish I could have been there, but your photos are great. By the way, you'll be receiving your final SP parcel a bit later than I'd hoped; I've been ill but should be able to get to the post office this weekend. And I think you must win the prize for the longest queue on Ravelry! Your Secret Pal

Egater ütles ...

Thank you both :) I hope I will meet you in Tallinn next year ;)
SP, I think I have some kind of illness :) If I see beautiful pattern or good idea, I have to remember it. I hope my students will do some of these :) It's Ok if parcel will arriv late, important is that you are not ill anymore!

Meeli ütles ...

Tahtsin ka tunnustust avaldada väga kenade piltide puhul! Ise oleme viimased aastad mardilaadal pidanud pigem seda jälgima, et pisipere rahvamassi sekka ära ei kao.Detailideni nii ei jõuagi. Sinu piltidelt saab parema ülevaate :) Leidsin "tuttava puutöömehe" utsitamiseks eriti vajaliku sõbakudumis püsttelgede pildi ka- kui lubad seda enesele seivida?