neljapäev, august 10

The kit from my KSKS buddy arrived yesterday. I know that it may sound like something you heared before, secret pal IS THE BEST!
You don't know how hard it was to wait until I get home and can make pictre all of it :) I was so curious.

Look what she sent to me! Colous of bag and yarn is 101% right (why pict don't show it right way : ( ! ). And chocolate is very good.

I LOVE my bag and all the other goodies included in the package. Thank you so much Linda!

And there is another big thanks to say. AITÄH AINO! This package came week ago and there were some Kool-Aid's and mola! I really like molas, these are so different from our craft in Estonia. And I will try Kool Aid when I get little bit free time :) It seems to be very intresting technique to dye yarn.

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Crazy About Sox ütles ...

What great packages... Ok, now time for 1 more... I was at the post office today with your package in hand and I misplaced your address... Can you please e-mail it to me when you get a chance. Thanx Tisha

Corina ütles ...

I also like molas, I live now in Colombia, so I see a lot of them. I am happy I found your blog!