neljapäev, juuli 20

Yesterday we went to Kärdla. We helped put up craftshow. We were very busy, that's why we made only one picture :(

It took some time and when we came back to home we were very tired.
But...Flat Scout put her cross to the hill of crosses. Unfortunetly there is road-recondition and that's why we didn't spent lot time looking around.
Legend says:" Long ago, a wedding party was traveling along the road from Kärdla and met another wedding party coming from the opposite direction. The road was too narrow for them to pass each other and each refused to give way. Discussion soon gave way to argument and then a fight broke out among the participants in the weddings. In the resulting chaos, the groom of one wedding party and the bride of the other were killed. After the fighting stopped, the people realized what a terrible thing they had done and were overcome with remorse. They all decided that the best way to put this sad event behind them would be for the surviving groom and surviving bride to be married, thus proving that love triumphs over all."

Tuesday we made quick trip to see Kõpu lighthouse, but I forgot my camera home, so I put pictures from last year.
Kõpu lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in the Baltic countries and, undoubtedly, the most famous tourist attraction on Hiiumaa. It is believed to be the third oldest continually operating lighthouse in the world. The lighthouse was built at the request of the Hanseatic Merchants League in the 15th century, in order to reduce the number of shipwrecks at Neckmansgrund and to warn ships away from the pirate- infested coastline. The local landlords and peasants initially were very much opposed to the building of the lighthouse, because they made a considerable amount of wealth from salvaging goods of the ships that wrecked in the shallow waters. Later when the lighthouse was operational, the local people sometimes used false lights to lead the ships astray. In the beginning of the 20th century the Russian government bought a fancy helmet to cover the lantern room of the lighthouse from the Paris World Exhibition
The height of the lighthouse is 37 meters, and the light is 103 meters above the sea level,

Well, and about monday. We saw lighthouse. My sister took her up and made some pictures
"The Tahkuna lighthouse has been continuously serving as a navigational beacon here for over 100 years. It was built in Paris in 1874 and stands over 40 meters tall.
Tahkuna lighthouse was brought to Hiiumaa by freighter along with its sister lighthouse that now stands on the western tip of Hiiumaa. It is believed that the two lighthouses were switched around and placed in the wrong locations by mistake. The Tahkuna lighthouse, which is slightly taller, should have been put in the west because it is the first beacon ships would see coming from Europe"
And about these defence Structures you may read on picture.

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