kolmapäev, juuli 5

Eile sain ma keskmisest tüsedama kirja ja adressaat oli märgitud USA. Selge, Tisha saadetud kott jõudis pärale. Saatsin talle umbes kuu tagasi mõned postkaardid Hiiumaast ja tänutäheks tahtis ta saata kotti. Nüüd see siis jõudiski. Kanga muster mulle kohe meeldib kohe eriti. Õhtul tegin kaks nelja tahuga paela memme-taadi päeva töötoa näidiseks. Paelad lihtsad ja ilusad, aga selgitus oleks keeruline. Seda peab ise nägema.

Yesterday I got envelope with sox bag inside. About month ago I sent some postcards to Tisha and she wanted to send me something. Now it's here. Thanks Tisha! I love the fabric, it's so cute.
In the evening I made some samples for friday. Then I and two other craftteacher have to do workshop on the eldre's party (mhmm...I'm not sure, that I wrie it right way, hope you understand).
weather is so warm (26 C shade) that only opportunity is to be outside on the shade.

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Crazy About Sox ütles ...

I'm glad you like the sock bag, and thanx for the B-day wishes :)
I have a question, I saw that you put up more UFO's... I need a total #, and the oldest is? Oh and just to let you know, you are still in the lead!

Egater ütles ...

Awful...I got 37 UFOs. And I know, I did'nt take photos in my classroom - there is some more.
Oldest is about 21 years old. To be honest...it's not good to be lead in this contest :) What impression I leave it to myself :

knitnthings ütles ...

Thank you for the b-day wishes!! Aren't Tisha's bags the best!! You live in such a beautiful area I enjoyed looking at all your pictures!