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Well, as I promised, Flat Scout last days in Estonia. I wanted to write yesterday (so I promised), but we finaly had some rain...with little bit thunder too. And it take off internetconnection :(
So...we went our old semetery in Reigi.
There resting my ancestry and lot's of people I know. So I can talk lot of stories. Like on of my forefather who came bac from russian czar's armi. It was long travel and took years. When he arrived he went and told to army people "here I am." So he got gift ( he was good soldier if he reported that he's back) - tavern. One estonian composer wrote about it opera.

Count Ungern-Sternberg built the stone church that you see today in 1800-1802. He had the church built in memory of his son Gustav who killed himself because he was heavily in debt to gamblers. Gustav is buried in the churchyard at Reigi.
The church contains many beautiful works of art which are said to have been donated by the grateful survivors of shipwrecks near Hiiumaa\'s dangerous northwest coast.
This bulding is 115 years old and this is where our local municipalities locate ( it's has always been place for administrative center).
(Front) (back view)
And we spent time in my school and my classroom ( it is locate our oldest schoolhouse, it's 106 years old). There is my craft-class, boys workshop and my cooking-class.
(craft-house and little cornes in my craft-class)

She liked some our kids works :) Unfortunatly...there was only some of these.
(curtains are also made by girls - it's batic)
(crazy-quilt is made by my students) others is mine. This old spinning-wheel belonged to my Mom's granny (so girls can't forget craft roots ;) )

So, it all...we made passport (I forgot to make picture :( ) to Flat Scout and Wednesday she went to travel again. We had great time togedher and she said that she will be back in future :) .She saw only little part of Hiiumaa.

P.S. Here is Kõpu Lighthouse and view from top to Kõpu village.

And I found one very cute pics from last year. It's from Kõpu too...there was Kõpu villages day (it was big party :) )

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