pühapäev, juuli 16

Nii, nüüd hakkavad papist piiga seiklused Eestimaal. Te ärge naerge - inimesi, kes on Flat Scoudi võõrustajad, on 90 üle maailma :) Viimastel andmetel vist ainult Aafrika puudu. Tausast veel niipalju, et kuna Scout sooviks ise maailmas rännata, aga see mitmetel põhjustel võimatu, otsustas ta oma "asemiku" saata. Nii on teise sihtpunktina tema laste poolt Eesti valitud. Esimese peatuse tegi ta Kanadas, oma kunstilise kujundaja pool. Täpsemalt saab lugeda, kui klikite vasakul olevale nupule.

Finally she is here! Flat Scout had a long trip over the ocean. She landed in Tallinn and was quite surprised that it’s not her destination. She decided to come back some day and look around in this beautiful old city. But yesterday she had to take a bus and come to port Rohuküla.
It’s about 60 mile (100 km) from Tallinn. After 1,5 hour “sailing” and little drove with post-car, she was here.
She was very tired of course and because of that she went to bed early.

Today my sister took flatscout out to forest. They came back with those wild-strawberry.

In the evening sister made cake with berrys. It was very good J. It have been quiet day. We just look around, enjoy sunshine and resting. Now she has some new friends also – our cats and dog Derri .

Tomorrow we probably go to Kärdla. This is our little and only town on island. I have to take some of my bags and rag-carpet to show. Then we also go and put her cross to the Hill of Crosses - everyone must do it on they first trip to island for good luck.

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Scoutj ütles ...

Hi Flat Scout!!! I'm so excited to see you ALL the way over there! Have fun and I'll let your hostess know where you should go next!

Debbie ütles ...

Looks like Flat Scout is having fun over there! The strawberries look yummy